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How to Plan Your Hair Transplantation Procedure?

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Your decision to have hair restoration is final when you have thorough faith in it. Distance hardly matters if at all you live nearby or far away! Our hair transplantation consultation procedure may put you at ease. Your information stays completely confidential with us.

Why Choose Celebrity Secrets for Hair Transplantation?

  • The award-winning Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) technique
  • Guarantees 100% natural looking hairline
  • Minimally invasive procedure without any scars and pain
  • Procedure performed by best hair transplantation consultant
  • Over 90% success rate & 100+ celebrities in the elite client list
  • Advanced & best-in-class technology for efficacy & safety

How to Plan Your Hair Transplantation Procedure?

For Our Regional Patients

  • Appointment Booking: We have four state-of-the-art hair transplantation centres located at Madhapur, Jubilee Hills, Kakinada and Vijayawada to cater the needs of our Telangana and Andhra Pradesh patients. Patients in Hyderabad and Andhra Pradesh are encouraged to call our office at 08846446999, help book an appointment with the doctor. 
  • In person Consultation: The specifics of your preferred surgical procedure and also your motivations for undergoing it can be discussed during this meeting.  If any complications are present, they are discussed with the client during the planning of the hair transplantation procedure.
  • Pre-operative Assessment
    • With the help of an extensive collection of prior and post state of surgery pictures, the hair doctor will understand and discuss your exact situation and clarify your queries.
    • We can also use photo editing software to simulate the outcome of your surgery if you so request. 
    • The most current medical software and “morphing” technologies will be used to show the anticipated postoperative effects and fine-tune your digital image. Consultations with a Medical Esthetician or an expert in Alternative Medicine are available as and when needed.
  • Planning the Procedure: The entire factors affecting the hair transplant surgery will be provided according to your requirements. Based on that, the procedure for each client would be different and 100% customised. 

For Our Long Distance Patients

  • The client should mention the procedure he opts for and the reason for selecting it along with his expectations from the hair transplant surgery. 
  • The desired look should be captured in three images. One of yourself facing in front and the other two from the left and right profiles respectively. All should then be sent to Dr. Madhavi Chowdary. 
  • For further enquiries you can get in touch through the e-mail id celebritysecrets.hyd@gmail.com. The mail should include the complete patient medical history form.

Basic Instructions for Pre-Surgery Period

  • All patient queries are answered through celebritysecrets.hyd@gmail.com. For best results and a safe procedure, your detail medical records may be requested by Dr. Madhavi Chowdary. We make the process simple by letting you submit online. 
  • Your surgical planning will begin if you and your doctor both agree that the surgery will be beneficial for you.  
  • We request all our patients to inform their travel itinerary like date, time and the number of days they are going to stay. This step allows us to prepare for the procedure in the best possible way. 

Hair Transplantation Surgical Process

We don’t perform the surgical procedure during the weekends. Furthermore, you should plan on waiting period of at least 24 hours before undergoing surgery. This allows you to plan your in-person consultation and pre-op lab tests (required for procedures performed under General Anesthesia or Twilight Anesthesia). 

Travel Plan for Our International Patients

We encourage you to use our travel planning help-desk. We make sure all our clients have procedures with comfort & convenience. Please share your travel details like:

  • Departure and arrival time in India.
  • The number of days you will spend in India.
  • How do you want us to organise your trip?
  • If you have any special requirements

Hair transplantation is a minimally invasive procedure with little to no downtime. So we encourage our international clients to plan a vacation after the procedure. Your entire trip to be planned and organised thoroughly (from your point of departure, your lodging accommodations, possible sight-seeing till return home)

  • Accommodations and tours while you are in India
  • A one-of-a-kind lodging alternative
  • Visit local attractions during your stay
  • Covering any specific destinations on your itinerary
  • Airport pick & drop and availing local guides

For more information visit https://celebritysecrets.in/

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