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Eyelash Extensions

Who does not like to have beautiful eyelashes? For a long time, mascara has been used to make eyelashes look longer and fluttery. But, getting it done frequently can sometimes feel tiresome. This is when eyelash restoration helps in beautifying eyelashes without any discomfort. Look prettier with gorgeous eyelashes! Flatter yourself. Grab attention with our attractive eyelash extensions—single strands of synthetic eyelashes that are attached to your original eyelashes and enhance your look.

Celebrity Secrets Eyelash Extensions

Prior appointment is recommended to perform the eyelash extension procedure. You and your stylist can choose the number of lashes to make the extensions look natural and not too voluminous. You can play a song or take a nap if you feel bored during the 2–3 hours procedure. The eyelash extensions stick to your natural eyelashes, last around 2 weeks, and fall out as your natural eyelashes shed off. After the procedure, avoid water or moisturisers near the lashes for at least 2 days and take other precautions.

Benefits of Eyelash Extensions

  • Treatment under the supervision of eyelash extension specialists
  • Customised treatment based on your unique needs
  • Fast and effective eyelash restoration
  • You can wear normal make-up after the treatment
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