Celebrity Secrets

Dr. Venkat & Dr. Madhavi Founders of Celebrity Secrets had a passion of redefining aesthetic medicine & cosmetology in a unique way that, idea has brought up a beautiful brand Celebrity Secrets, which is a one-stop solution to all your beauty needs.

There medico aesthetic approach brought an expert team of dermatologists and cosmetologists, skin, and hair therapists team who delivers result-oriented aesthetic excellence through range of tailor-made concepts.

A simple facial to a more advanced medical procedure is designed according to your individual skin type. Whether the need is to rejuvenate skin, smoothens wrinkles or enhance facial counters, our treatments offer exquisite formulas to deliver immediate results under the supervision of expertise Dermatologists and Cosmetologists team. In addition to adv. facial beauty treatments celebrity secrets organic medispa facials, fish egg caviar facial, pumpkin peel facials, v-shape facelift, titanium, vit-c and collagen infusions are a must-try. Celebrity Secrets has collaborated with world’s largest beauty brands which are pioneer in the world of beauty and stands for innovative cosmetic treatments. Loreal Professional for premium range of salon and spa services, Hair fixing consultants which uses American and Korean technology for hair fixing. Celebrity Secrets is by far, most comprehensive Medspa that u can choose.

Dr. Madhavi Founder Celebrity Secrets

The focus of Dr. Madhavi’s lifework has been studying and researching medical aesthetics and forming a team of expertise dermatologists, cosmetologists under one roof. Dr. Madhavi has a compassionate disposition and a love of learning. She listens intently to her clients’ problems and cheerfully relieves everyone’s suffering with her smile. She makes an effort to promote people’ well-being and optimism. She discovered how adverse bodily changes could impact one’s attitude on life and confidence in oneself. According to her, the differences in facial morphology caused by treatments for facial aesthetics affect their patients’ quality of life.

“My passion is result oriented procedures, and I have devoted the last 14 years to learning, developing, and sharing my knowledge and forming a team of expertise dermatologists and cosmetologists.”

– Dr. Madhav 

Dr. Venkat Founder Celebrity Secrets

Dr Venkat he has a track record of designing the skin and hair treatment for hundreds of people including several famous Tollywood celebrities & page 3 personalities in Hyderabad. His expertise is to form a team of dermatologists and cosmetologists who deliver result oriented procedures, His ideology is to mix cosmetology procedures, organic ingredients and equipment to deliver superior skin/hair makeovers.