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Nose Reshaping In Hyderabad

As an excellent alternative to rhinoplasty, you can choose a non-surgical nose reshaping procedure to fix minor nasal deformities. Increase your self-confidence with a 15-minute nose job that requires minimal recovery time. Mild imperfections can be corrected easily using injectable dermal fillers that are effective in creating more symmetry and also balancing the nose with other facial features.


Depending on the dermal filler chosen by your doctor, you may be treated with a Cosmetic, Restylane®, or Radiesse® filler to even out bumps and bulges on the nose. This is a quick procedure and does not have any complicated recovery time. During the treatment, a local anesthetic or a topical numbing cream is applied before the facial filler is injected into the required treatment areas.

Nose reshaping can help in fixing minor nose imperfections, including reduction or removal of a bump or bulge on the nose bridge and nasal tip reshaping. Before the procedure, your shape and size of the chin, type and thickness of nose skin and other facial anatomy factors will be considered to optimise the results. The entire procedure of non-invasive nose enhancement is customised to meet your aesthetic goals.

  • Fast and easy treatment without any surgery
  • Painless procedure for correcting minor cosmetic flaws
  • Contoured and shapely nose
  • Satisfying results under expert supervision

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