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Hair Fixing

Non-Surgical Hair Fixing

Are you looking for a non-surgical and safe treatment for hair loss/balding? Regain confidence with hair fixing treatment, which uses simple and effective procedures such as hair bonding, hair weaving, and hair patching. Hair fixing service is a flexible hair replacement treatment to get natural-looking hair without any surgery. This treatment is suitable for most people and is free from allergic complaints. Reclaim your crowning glory with our advanced and non-invasive hair wigs and hair patches. From personal use to medical use, we cater to all hair replacement needs.

Celebrity Secrets Hair Fixing Treatment

Get the desired look in a short time! Our hair weaving technicians take the measurement of the bald portion of head, check the texture and colour of hair before using imported, dermatologically tested glues to paste the system to the bald portion. We use custom-made natural hair systems with USA Base, French Lace, and Bio Lace. The entire treatment is of maximum 1-hour duration. Our trained hair stylists at Celebrity Secrets can help you choose from a wide variety of hairpieces and wigs for men. Feel the difference with outstanding design, quality, and technique.


Reinvent Your Look with Men’s Hairpieces and Wigs

  • Men’s branded hairpieces and wigs are available in different colours, sizes, and textures
  • Made from the finest quality, natural-looking Remy human hair
  • Wigs are also available in other variants such as European synthetic fibre and Japanese high heat fibre
  • Breathable, soft lace for durability and optimum comfort

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