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Ear Lobe Repair

Earlobe repair becomes necessary due to various causes, such as aging, congenital earlobe deformities, continuous use of heavy earrings, and sudden trauma. When earlobes are stretched or torn and lacerated, it is recommended to get them repaired to avoid physical discomfort and appearance issues. Early treatment can reshape and resize earlobes. Surgical and non-surgical methods of painless and safe earlobe repair heal the edges of a traumatic, split earlobe to help the ‘fresh’ raw edges stick to each other.


What are the surgical treatments for split earlobes?

Traditional Earlobe Repair Surgery: Earlobe repair (for men and women) is carried out under a local anesthetic. The torn skin edges are cleaned and cut out to remove any damaged tissue and fresh edges are stitched together with sutures. Depending on the clinical situation, the sutures need to stay intact for one or two weeks. A client has to return to the clinic for suture removal at an agreed date. There is more chance of an unwanted visible scar with this technique. Proper care should be taken after this surgery.

Sutureless Earlobe Repair: This is an innovative surgery that is done under local anesthesia to repair split earlobes without the use of stitches. The surgery usually takes less than half an hour and provides a better cosmetic outcome for torn or damaged earlobe slits—with faster healing. After the surgery, our doctors may prescribe a 5-day course of oral antibiotics and a painkiller. There are no dietary restrictions before or after the surgery. When healing is complete, a barely visible fine line appears and fades away with time.

What is the non-surgical treatment for split earlobes?

Advanced Earlobe Repair Gel: Are you tired of saggy, slit, or excessively long earlobes? Do you dream of wearing fashionable earrings? Celebrity Secrets offers a permanent solution to your earlobe worries. Our safe and easy earlobe repair is a painless lunchtime procedure that helps in correcting your earlobes without any surgery. No stitches. No pain. Our advanced earlobe repair gel closes the holes immediately. In a few days, your earlobes can be pierced again, so you can wear your favourite earrings.


What are the benefits of earlobe repair?

  • Treatment under the supervision of earlobe repair specialists
  • Painless, effective, and safe treatment
  • Customised treatment based on a detailed assessment of earlobes
  • Minimal recovery time

Watch Now: Earlobe Repair Video

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