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Vampire Facials

Celebrity Secrets offers an advanced anti-aging treatment customized to your needs. The vampire facial is a fast, painless procedure that fights both intrinsic and extrinsic signs of aging. As an organic and scientifically proven treatment, it offers better results without any major side effects—clearer, luminous, and plumper skin with even skin tone and smaller pores.


A vampire/PRP facial is a completely natural skin rejuvenation procedure, which uses body’s anti-aging and anti-healing properties to make skin smooth and radiant. By harvesting body’s blood components and re-injecting them using a combination of techniques, the treatment helps in stimulating tissue and collagen growth. The rejuvenation results peak around 3–6 weeks with a visible difference in your skin.

Blood is drawn and centrifuged to separate PRP, which is a concentrated form of platelets. Platelets are enriched with bioactive proteins. Once the treatment is completed, the activated platelets secrete aburst of growth factors that stimulate the production of new blood vessels. Platelet-activated growth is completely safe and has a long-lasting effect without any potential problems of rejection or allergies.

PRP full face (minimum 6ml of pure PRP) uses a combination of 3 techniques to infuse PRP naturally into the skin:

Dermapen: A Dermapenwith 9 needles provides evenly distributed microchannels at a deeper depth to stimulate new collagen production and reduce wrinkles. Unlike a Dermaroller, the Dermapen is less painful and a doctorcan adjust the precise measurement of needles for different areas of the face.

Meso Dermastamp:A handheld stamping device penetrates deeper into the dermal layer and delivers the PRP solution with maximum depth and effectiveness—no skin burning or coagulation. While this technique reduces pain and downtime, it also provides consistent and uniform results across the face.

Injections: Traditionally, injections have been used to deliver PRP to problem areas such as under or around the eyes to treat dark circles. The depth at which injections are delivered helps in increasing volume and improving skin texture and quality.

  • Natural, non-surgical skin rejuvenation procedure
  • Absolutely no major side effects
  • Clear, radiant, and fresher-looking skin with greater collagen production
  • Consistent results across the face, as opposed to spot improvement
  • Less pain with little downtime
  • Better synergy with a variety of techniques

We recommend3 sessions with one session every few months for the best results.

  • Face
  • Neck
  • Chest
  • Décolletage
  • Stretch marks or scars on the body (Depending on the age and thickness of the scars, more treatments may be needed)

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