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Glutathione Skin Whitening Treatment

Damaged and rough skin may make a person lose natural skin radiance and appear older than the actual age. Glutathione is a master antioxidant that is composed of three amino acids—cysteine, glutamic acid (glutamate), and glycine.

It acts as a skin-lightening and detoxification agent, and wellness booster to prevent or reverse free radical damage. As a primary ingredient of skin whitening injections, it can help in correcting blemishes, dark spots, scars, pigmentation, uneven skin tone and other signs of aging.

Celebrity Secrets Skin Whitening Injections

Do you want to make your skin look naturally fairer and smoother? At Celebrity Secrets, we offer glutathione-based skin whitening injections to make your skin beautiful and radiant. Glutathione is a proven skin whitener. Our experts will assess your skin-related concerns and administer the non-invasive injections to provide desirable results. You can enjoy healthy skin with an even skin tone. Your skin will no longer appear dull and rough—it will be clear and smooth without any skin irregularities.

Basic ingredients: All these injections have glutathione (GSH) as the main ingredient. The percentage varies for different brands. While GSH Ultima 1500mg injection contains 1500mg of glutathione, Glutanova 900mg whitening injection has 900mg of glutathione for quick and effective skin whitening.

Other major ingredients: Ascorbic acid or Vitamin C, alpha-lipoic acid (ALA), kojic acid, pro-vitamins B3 and B5 and other important vitamins like Vitamin E. These have an anti-inflammatory effect and help in lightening dark spots, moisturizing skin, reducing hyperpigmentation, and stimulating skin renewal.

Doses of Skin Whitening Injections

Depending on your requirements and the severity of skin problems, we will recommend the doses.

Initial doses: Normally, you will receive 1–2 injections. If the skin condition is poor, you may need to take an injection with a higher percentage of glutathione. Initial doses should be taken at least for 30–45days. If required, you may need to take for a longer duration.

Subsequent doses: Depending on the skin condition and fairness level achieved by our client, our experts decide the doses after the initial period. We recommend 1 injection every fortnight for another 3–4 months. Later, 1 injection every month is recommended for another 6 months.

Benefits of Glutathione Skin Whitening Injections

  • Work effectively for symptoms of aging such as fine lines, loose skin, and wrinkles
  • Make skin lustrous, soft, and smooth
  • Powerful antioxidant properties improve overall skin complexion
  • Stop hyperpigmentation and prevent the formation of dark patches of skin
  • Increase immunity and protect skin from common pollutants, rashes, and sunburn
  • Regular use enhances cognitive functioning and eliminates acne, black spots, and pimples

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