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Best Skin Whitening Treatment Near You

Do you want to restore a radiant glow to your skin? At Celebrity Secrets clinic, we offer customized skin whitening treatments for perfect brighter & healthier skin.

Skin Whitening Treatment at Celebrity Secrets Clinics

Chemicals, pigmentation disorders, sun exposure and other factors result in dry and dull skin. Excessive melanin pigment is also responsible for a dark complexion. Our treatments can fix skin issues such as acne marks, age spots, and uneven skin tone to make your skin look and feel better. Get a fairer skin tone and re-energize your skin with dedicated care under expert supervision.

Skin Brightening (Whitening) Treatment Procedure

Our skin whitening treatment reduces dryness and dullness and detoxifies your skin with no downtime. A good start with IV vitamin infusion works well while you relax in our soothing salt room. Salt room therapy in a comfortable and controlled environment is given to maximize health benefits.

We also include proven antioxidants like glutathione, Vitamin C, and collagen to improve skin tone and reduce visible signs of skin aging. Most of our clients report fairer, glowing and healthier skin after a few treatment sessions.

Advanced Skin Whitening Treatment Packages

Skin Whitening Infusion

Treatment includes:

  • Vitamin C: 1500mg for skin brightening
  • Selenium (antioxidant): 100mg for detoxification
  • Alpha-lipoic acid: 200mg reduces wrinkles and pigmentation spots
  • Glutathione (antioxidant): 2000mg

Snow White Silver Package

Treatment includes:

  • Whitening Infusion
  • Celebrity Secrets Skin Brightening Peel

Snow White Diamond Package

Treatment includes:

  • Whitening Infusion

  • Celebrity Secrets Skin Brightening Peel

  • Redensity filler: 3ml

Benefits of Skin Whitening Treatment

Here are the top benefits of skin whitening packages:

  • Whitens the skin and helps to reverse sun tanning & damaged skin
  • Gives a radiant glow and makes skin smooth and soft
  • Improves skin complexion and makes you fair
  • Reduces pores and prevents acne scars
  • Controls acne and pimples
  • Delays or reduces the signs of aging
  • Nourishes skin for long-lasting results

Why Celebrity Secrets for Skin Whitening Treatment?

Here are the top reasons to consider Celebrity Secrets: 

Skin Whitening Treatment Before & After Results

Our skin lightening treatment reduces pigmentation, skin tone issues, dark spots, suntan and acne marks, thus giving you a fair, youthful and refreshed look. Please check the improvements with real clients who benefited from Celebrity Sceret’s skin whitening packages. 

Watch Now: Customized skin whitening Video

FAQs About Celebrity Secrets

Can Your Skin Whitening Treatment Make Me Fair?

Yes, most clients who opted for our skin whitening package, see a visible improvement in their skin tone & brightness, thus achieving fair and refreshed skin. However, results are subjective and vary from person to person. Therefore, our dermatologists help our clients to set realistic expectations for skin whitening treatment.

How Does Skin Whitening IV Work?

Our dermatologists prepare customized skin whitening infusions formulated with  Vitamin C & antioxidants Glutathione, Selenium & Alpha-lipoic acid. This procedure is followed by administering our specialized brightening peels or in some cases laser treatments to optimize the results.

Are Laser Skin Whitening Treatments Better Over Your Custom Skin Whitening Treatments?

An effective skin fairness treatment combines more than one treatment regimen. Lately, laser skin whitening treatment has emerged as one of the most promising treatments to improve your skin texture, tone, and pigmentation. Our dermatologists combine Pixel laser treatment with other skin whitening solutions, to deliver significantly better results.

Is Skin Whitening Treatments Permanent? How Long Does Results Last?

Permanent skin whitening is a myth. Our skin whitening treatment offers you long-lasting fairness. However, results are not necessarily permanent & can be affected by new sun exposure and aging. Therefore following a post-care regime & taking maintenance treatments from time to time is essential to enjoy flawless skin.

Is the Skin Whitening Treatment Safe? What Are the Common Side Effects & Risks?

At Celebrity Secrets, we use only US FDA-approved skin products, procedures, formulations and laser equipment. Also, our dermatologists follow stringent protocols to make the procedure safe & effective. So be rest assured that you will have a 100% safe, effective & risk-free procedure.

How Soon Can I See Results from Skin Whitening Treatments?

The result can vary from person to person based on individual skin type. While you can experience promising results from the 3rd session onwards, we recommend covering 6-8 sessions to get the best results.

Who is Eligible for Skin Whitening Treatment?

Any one with 18+ years of age is eligible for our skin whitening treatment. However, pregnant and breastfeeding women are recommended to avoid this treatment.

How Can I Choose The Right Skin Whitening Treatment?

We understand that choosing the right treatment may be overwhelming for you. That’s why we advise you to schedule a consultation and discuss your goals with our experienced dermatologists. Be rest assured that they will help you to choose the best treatment plan that suits your individual needs.

What is the Skin Whitening Treatments cost at your Hyderabad, Vijayawada & Kakinada Clinics?

Our package starts at ₹ 9,999 per session across all our clinics. However, the cost may vary from person to person, depending on factors, chosen package, underlying health concerns, skin type & prescribed number of sessions. However, you can benefit from the monthly specials to reduce the price of skin whitening treatment. Feel free to speak to us to know your pricing.

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