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Hair Transplantation

Celebrity Secrets (FUE) Hair Transplantation Therapy

Hair transplantation is a surgical process of removing hair follicles from a hair-rich area (‘donor site’) to a balding area (‘recipient site’). Potential clients for hair transplant surgery include men with male pattern baldness and women with female pattern hair loss. Anyone who has permanent hair loss, a high risk of scar formation or would like to modify/restore hairline can choose Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) hair transplantation therapy.

Hair Transplant Procedure

During the procedure, the doctor creates a circular incision around the hair graft to individually extract the follicular units without disturbing surrounding follicles. Being a minimally invasive method of donor harvesting, it causes very little bleeding and requires no blades or scalpels.

Apart from the least possible post-op discomfort and less visible scar formation, there are no restrictions on vigorous exercise after the procedure and the wound heals completely in 5–7 days.


What are the factors to be considered for hair restoration?

Apart from the patient’s health status and goals, other relevant factors include hair texture (fine or coarse), the variation between the hair colour and skin colour, the density (the size of the donor hair area, the number of hair follicles per square inch and the size of the area for transplantation) and the instances of previous grafting treatments.

Who can opt for hair transplantation surgery?

Men with male pattern baldness and women with female pattern hair loss can choose hair restoration surgery to achieve the desired look and regain confidence. This surgery is also useful in restoring or changing the hairline. Post-operative instructions are to be followed to enhance hair growth and preserve existing hair.

When can I start the treatment?

Doctors recommend starting the treatment soon after the tricho analysis test to delay or prevent additional hair loss. The patient and the doctor should agree on the treatment plan, including the cost of the procedure or the procedures, duration, and expectations, for the best possible outcomes.

Is hair restoration procedure advised at a very young age?

Some people tend to lose hair in their early 20s and, consequently, experience disappointment. They may opt for hair restoration surgery to prevent complete baldness. If the patient is too young, surgical treatment is decided at the doctor’s discretion because the hair loss may manifest gradually and progressively.

Is the hair transplantation surgery painful?

The hair treatment is almost painless because it is administered under local anesthesia. Our clients feel comfortable listening to music, watching TV or even taking a nap during the procedure. The entire procedure may last 4–6 hours and does not have any downtime.

How many sessions are required for hair restoration?

Depending on the size of hair loss area, donor yield and patient goals, two sessions or more may be required for satisfactory results. Our advanced equipment and diagnostic tools help in informing each client of the actual amount of donor hair available to complete the hair restoration treatment.

Can the thinning area be implanted with grey hair?

Grey hair can be used for covering the thinning area. However, a vegetable hair dye may be used to temporarily dye the hair, which is very white to make it easy during the procedure.


Will the procedure alter my current hair?

Current hair will not have any impact as a result of the procedure.