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GFC Hair Treatment

Growth Factor Concentrate (GFC) Hair Regrowth Treatment

Patterned hair loss is a continuous hair loss in a specific pattern. Men face the problem of ‘male pattern baldness,’ which generally includes vertex balding, and loss of frontal and crown hairline. Female pattern baldness, as seen in women, is usually diffuse with thinning hair on the top of the head or the crown, without any loss of the frontal hairline. Our autologous, non-invasive GFC hair regrowth treatment is suitable for patterned hair loss in males and females (above 18 years).

Depending on the stage of the hair loss, the number of sessions varies for every client. As the GFC injected for hair regeneration/hair restoration is separated from the client’s blood, it eliminates the risks of hypersensitivity, allergies, and other harmful reactions, which are related to donor or artificial materials. There is no downtime, cut or scar. New hair growth is possible in 2–3 sessions, and visible hair growth is seen in 6–8 sessions. The procedure is easy and safe.


Is the hair loss treatment effective?

Unlike temporary treatments, our revolutionary GFC treatment is highly effective for patterned hair loss. This simple, non-invasive procedure is excellent for natural hair regrowth and stimulation because it uses the client’s blood platelets for hair regeneration and restoration.

What are the factors to be considered for GFC treatment?

The treatment commences only after a comprehensive, in-depth consultation with the expert dermato-trichologist. The client’s health condition, his or her expectations, and lifestyle habits are taken into consideration before starting the hair loss treatment.

Are there any pre-treatment instructions?

  • No heavy exercise or exhausting physical activities a day before the treatment
  • Increase intake of water a day before and on the day of the treatment (2 glasses of water at breakfast, lunch, and dinner)
  • Light and nutritious food on the day of the treatment
  • No junk and spicy food a day before and on the day of the treatment
  • Shampoo and condition hair before the session (oily and dirty hair can lead to infection)
  • Avoid colouring hair 3 days before the session
  • Avoid alcohol and cigarettes for at least 3 days before the session
  • Our dermato-trichologist may advise on stopping a few blood-thinning medications

What is the actual procedure?

First, you are guided to a personalised service room. Then, around 15–20 ml of blood is collected with tiny needles and cannulas and subjected to the unique double centrifuge process to separate the platelets. The doctor injects the active platelets in the cleansed treatment area. Lastly, the therapist provides post-care instructions. A20–55 min rest is advised after the treatment.

What is the role of platelets in GFC treatment?

The platelets present in the blood are enriched with growth factors. Once these are infused into the scalp, growth factors are released to stimulate hair growth. After a few days, the WBCs or white blood cells continue the hair restoration process by secreting growth factors. The amount of blood extracted plays an important role because more platelets ensure better results.

What are the post-treatment instructions?

  • Avoid touching the scalp for a day
  • No combing for a day
  • Avoid heavy exercise or exhausting physical activities 3–4 days after the treatment
  • No shampooing or conditioning hair for 1–2 days
  • No sauna and hot bath for at least a week or as per the doctor’s advice
  • Regular application of topical medications as needed
  • The doctor may advise on disruption of a few drugs

What are the benefits of GFC hair loss treatment?

  • No cuts or scars
  • No adverse reaction
  • Natural hair, which can be cut, coloured,or styled as desired
  • Suitable treatment for both men and women
  • Lunchtime procedure with no downtime
  • New hair growth in 2 months, but visible between 5–8 months with continued improvement

How many sessions are required to treat hair loss?

For the best results, our dermato-trichologist usually recommends 4–8 sessions with a gap of 30–45 days based on an assessment of various factors such as the client’s health and severity of hair loss.

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