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Double Chin Treatment

Is double chin making you anxious and lowering your self-esteem? Age, genetics, and lifestyle choices can cause excess fat to deposit under the chin, resulting in a chubby chin. Eliminate unwanted fat and get a defined jawline without any downtime. Celebrity Secrets offers a non-surgical procedure to remove double chin for a sculpted look. We use a highly advanced lipo injection to dissolve fat cells and reshape your chin profile, the way you want it.


How does a lipo injection remove double chin?

A lipo injection includes an injectable drug with an active ingredient deoxycholic acid that breaks down the fat cells in a few minutes. Also known as submental fat, stubborn fat is not easy to dislodge from the chin and neck area. Using a lipo injection, you can restore a beautiful appearance by destroying fat cells through a simple, non-invasive injection procedure.

What areas can a lipo injection treat?

A lipo injection can treat the chin and neck area to restore definition to your jawline. Along with diet and exercise, you will be able to enjoy the benefits of the lipo injection procedure as a non-surgical liposuction alternative. This fat loss procedure uses a very fine, thin needle to administer the injection that defines the chin without causing any disruption to your normal life.

What is the procedure?

We will apply a topical anaesthetic before the procedure to prevent discomfort during the session. Next, injection sites will be pre-marked and, subsequently, you will receive a course of fat burning injections the underside of the chin. Doctor’s discretion is advised for patients with health issues. A lipo injection is not recommended for pregnant or lactating women.

What are the results?

A firmer, more sculpted jawline is a visible aesthetic outcome after the lipo injection procedure.  A lipo injection works gradually to dissolve and eliminate the fat cells that create the double chin. We will monitor your progress and work with you for a follow-up appointment within 4–6 weeks. Optimal results require 2–4 sessions, but the number of sessions varies for each patient.


What are the post-treatment instructions?

Patients can resume their normal activities soon after the lipo injection procedure. Our team will assist you with simple measures to reduce any discomfort. This non-invasive fat loss treatment is not a substitute for weight loss. It will reshape your chin and neck area and prevent fat cells from re-forming, but a healthy lifestyle is also necessary to maintain long-lasting results.

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