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What is the Hair Patch Cost in Hyderabad?

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Hair loss can hurt an individual’s life, denting their self-esteem, & confidence level. So people suffering from hair loss, explore various treatment options. In this article, we will explore two popular hair loss solutions i.e. hair patches and extensions, their benefits and hair patch cost in Hyderabad. 

What is A Hair Patch?

A hair patch is also known as a hair piece or hair system. It’s a non-invasive and temporary solution for hair loss. This solution involves attaching artificial hair to the scalp or existing hair to cover areas of baldness or thinning.

What is the Outcome of Hair Patch?

They provide the most natural-looking and customizable alternative to traditional wigs or hairpieces and can help restore confidence and improve self-esteem for those affected by hair loss.

Hair Patch vs Hair Wig:

You may be wondering how a hair patch differs from traditional hair wigs. While both are on-surgical solutions for hair loss, they differ in terms of construction, attachment methods, & coverage. Here is a comparison table:

Differentiating FactorsHair PatchHair Wigs
ConstructionSmaller & targeted area coverageLarger & fullarea coverage
Attachment MethodAttached with adhesive, clips or weaving techniques Attached with adhesive, clips or weaving techniques 
CoverageSuitable for localized hair lossSuitable for extensive hair loss / balding 
Customization100% customizable100% customizable

What are The Benefits of Hair Patching?

Hair patching, also known as wearing a hairpiece or hair system, offers several benefits for individuals experiencing hair loss or thinning. Here are some of the key benefits:

  1. Natural Appearance: Hair patches are designed to look natural, with high-quality materials and construction techniques that mimic the appearance and texture of natural hair. 
  2. Versatility: Hair patches are versatile and can be styled, cut, and blended with existing hair to achieve various looks and hairstyles. 
  3. Targeted Coverage: Hair patches provide targeted coverage to specific areas of hair loss or thinning, such as the crown, top, or front of the scalp. They are ideal for individuals with localized hair loss. 
  4. Non-Surgical Solution: Hair patching is a non-surgical solution for hair loss, making it suitable for individuals who are not candidates for hair transplantation surgery or who prefer to avoid invasive procedures like PRP hair loss treatment. 
  5. Immediate Results: Unlike some hair loss treatments that may take months to show noticeable results, hair patching offers immediate results. 
  6. Customization: Hair patches can be customized to meet the wearer’s specific needs and preferences, including the choice of hair color, texture, length, and density. 

What is The Procedure of Hair Patching?

The selection procedure for hair patching involves the following steps to ensure that individuals achieve the desired results and satisfaction with their hairpiece. Here’s an overview of the process:

  • Consultation: The first step is to schedule a consultation with a qualified hair replacement specialist or Medspa clinic that offers hair patching services. 
  • Holistic Case Analysis: During the consultation, the specialist will assess the individual’s hair loss pattern, hair type, scalp condition, and desired outcome. 
  • Hair Patch Options: The specialist will present various hair patch options to the individual, including different materials (synthetic or human hair), construction types, attachment methods, and customization options. 
  • Measurement and Fitting: Once the individual selects a hair patch, the specialist will take precise measurements of the client’s head and scalp to ensure a proper fit. 
  • Trial Fitting: Before the final attachment, the individual may have a trial fitting session to test the hair patch for fit, comfort, and appearance. During this session, the specialist will make any necessary adjustments to the hairpiece, such as trimming or shaping, to achieve the desired look and fit. 
  • Attachment and Styling: Once the hair patch is ready, the specialist will attach it to the individual’s scalp or existing hair using the chosen attachment method (adhesive, clips, tapes). 
  • Follow-Up Care: After the hair patch is attached, the individual will receive guidance on how to care for and maintain their hairpiece to ensure longevity and optimal appearance. 

Hair Patching Vs Hair Transplantation Vs PRP for Hair Loss

Hair patching, hair transplantation, and PRP (Platelet-Rich Plasma) therapy are three different approaches to addressing hair loss, each with its own benefits, considerations, and outcomes. Here’s a comparison of these three methods:

FactorsHair PatchingHair TransplantationPRP Hair Loss 
Type of treatmentNon-InvasiveInvasiveNon-Invasive
ResultsImmediate & temporaryMedium term & permanentMedium term & long lasting
Appearance Mostly NaturalNaturalNatural
MaintenanceRegular MaintenanceMinimal MaintenanceMinimal Maintenance
EffectivenessEffective EffectiveEffective
CostLess ExpensiveExpensiveMedium Expensive

What is the Cost of Hair Patching in Hyderabad?

Reputed medspa clinics in Hyderabad charge ₹10,000 to ₹20,000 for basic hair patches with minimal customization. However, based on the type & length of the hair patch, quality, customization &  attachment methods can increase the price of the hair patch significantly. 

Why Choose Celebrity Secrets for Hair Patching? 

  • World class hair loss clinics situated in Jubilee Hills, Madhapur, Vijayawada and Kakinada
  • USFDA approved equipment
  • Guided & personalized consultation which sets the expectation of client
  • The treatment process supervised by experienced trichologists to ensure best results
  • 100% safety protocols in place to offer peace of mind

For more information visit CelebritySecrets Skin & Hair Clinic. Alternatively Book Your Consultation today.  


1. Is Hair Weaving a Safe Treatment? Is There a Side-Effect?

It’s a completely safe treatment with no known side-effects. 

2. How Long Does the Hair Patch Results Last?

The average life of a high-quality hair patch is 1-2  years. With proper care and maintenance the life of a hair patch can be increased. 

3. Is Hair Bonding Painful? How Does It Feel?

It’s a completely painless procedure. 

4. How Many Sittings Are Necessary For Hair Patching?

It’s a single session procedure. 

5. Is There a Down Time? How Soon Can I Lead Normal Life?

The procedure has zero down time. 

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