Swanky Kitchen Trends in 2018


Swanky Kitchen Trends in 2018

A few years ago, the kitchen was a simple place in the house where dirty dishes were washed and meals were prepared. Today, kitchen has emerged to be the vital point in any home. Kitchen designs and trends have changed a lot over the past few decades. With the latest design trends, simple and clean styles have become the recent favorite among homeowners across the globe. If you’ve been planning to make major changes in your house, remodeling the kitchen is one of the smartest investments you can easily make in your house.

In this post, let’s take a look at the 2018 Kitchen Trends in Atlanta:

  • Elegant Colors: White has emerged to be a huge favorite for kitchen cabinets. It not only offers a clean look but white cabinets simply look timeless and beautiful. Apart from white, gray has also emerged to be one of the favorite colors for kitchen cabinets. The other color palettes which are slowly making its way are emerald green, black, and plum. If you are still short of ideas, you can always reach out to the creative and experienced kitchen remodeling contractors in Atlanta.
  • Streamlined Kitchen Designs: Though mid-century designs are still a popular choice, homeowners now are going for more streamlined designs for the kitchen. Again, simplified designs don’t in any way mean boring. You would always like to come home to a stress-free environment therefore, streamlined kitchen designs has to do more with clearing the visual space in the kitchen. Upper walls in the kitchen are removed thereby, making the space brighter.
  • Smart Storage Solution: One of the most critical problems in kitchen is unnecessary wastage of space. Thus, it’s always important to ensure that the kitchen storage solutions are adequate. Homeowners across the globe are now looking for drawer dividers, tray-dividers, roll-out trays, and wastebasket cabinets for dumping garbage.
  • Baby Proof Kitchen Space: Kitchen can undoubtedly be a hazardous place for babies. 2018 however, brings amazing ideas for a kitchen that is completely safe for your babies. Most remodeling contractors strive hard to create a stylish as well as a safe place for your children.
  • Stylish Ceramic Tile: Hardwood flooring has remained popular among the homeowners. However, modern-day ceramic tiles can easily replicate the look of hardwood flooring. Moreover, in terms of size, you don’t have to compromise with traditional sizes rather; you can easily get a variety of sizes.

Let these above-stated designs serve as an inspiration for your kitchen renovation in the year 2018. If you are based in Buckhead, you can simply avail Atlanta Kitchen Remodeling Services. Whether you’ve been looking for Europa Kitchen or Fieldstone kitchen, your dream designs are just a few clicks away!

All you need to do is reach out to us and our team of designers will make a thorough analysis of your kitchen space and also take time to understand your specific requirements. The latest designs combine with functionality and aesthetics to create the perfect kitchen. Try our services today!

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