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Celebrity Secrets is a German medspa that focuses on providing world-class and luxury beauty services to make you look more beautiful and youthful.

Dr. Venkat & Dr. Madhavi Managing Directors @ Celebrity Secrets had a passion of redefining aesthetic medicine & cosmetology in a unique way that, idea has brought up a beautiful brand Celebrity Secrets, which is a one-stop solution to all your beauty needs.
Our medico aesthetic approach brings to you expert dermatologists and trichologists, skin, and hair therapists who deliver result-oriented aesthetic excellence through its range of tailor-made concepts.

A simple facial to a more advanced medical procedure is planned according to your individual skin type. Whether the need is hair transplant, Hair regrowth to rejuvenate skin, smoothens wrinkles or enhance facial counters, our treatments offer exquisite formulas to deliver immediate results. In addition to adv. facial beauty treatments celebrity secrets organic medi spa facials, fish egg caviar facial, placenta facial, pumpkin peel facials, v-shape facelift, titanium, vit-c and collagen infusions are a must-try. Celebrity Secrets has collaborated with world’s largest beauty brands KLAPP cosmetics Germany and other cosmetic brands which are pioneer in the world of beauty and stands for innovative cosmetic treatments. Loreal Professional for premium range of salon and spa services, Hair fixing consultants which uses American and Korean technology for hair fixing. Celebrity Secrets is by far, most comprehensive Medspa that u can choose.

Dr. Madhavi

Dr. Madhavi, who is well known among the celebrities and elites for her exceptional organic beauty treatments, informs that “Every skin is different and so should be the care for it. People no longer expect a miracle in a bottle as they once did. People want to look like a healthier, happier version of themselves – it’s about good skincare, proven ingredients and customized care. At Celebrity Secrets, we ensure that every individual is treated with the utmost care according to their skin type. Our years of research have brought forth nature’s secrets that can enhance your skin and make you look just like your favourite celebrity

Not only healthy skin, Dr. Madhavi also is know for the fantastic body sculpting and make overs she does. From aspiring models to movie artists, Dr. Madhavi has helped many achieve that perfect body and skin. Book an appointment, sit back and relax as Dr. Madhavi of celebrity secrets goes her unique way with her medico- aesthetic approach and deliver result-oriented total organic skin treatments.

Dr. Madhavi Chowdary
  • Customized skin whitening
  • Body Sculpting
  • Facelift
  • Chemical Peels
  • Organic Beauty Treatments
  • Skin Care
  • Laser Therapy
  • Laser Hair Removal
  • Hair Extensions
  • Hair Restoration
  • Hair Transplantation
  • Skin Resurfacing

At Celebrity Secrets, highly experienced medical professionals and trained team are available for clients from all walks of life. Dr.Madhavi works tirelessly to ensure each of her clients has a satisfactory experience. She is an avid reader and keeps herself updated with the latest medical insights and trends.

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