6 Amazing Basement Remodeling Tips to Convert it into a Delightful Space


6 Amazing Basement Remodeling Tips to Convert it into a Delightful Space

Looking for some quirky and incredible basement remodeling ideas? If so, then take a walk through these tips to design your basement efficaciously:

1. Convert it into a rec room

The basements are suitable to serve as private space for social activities. So, one of the best basement remodeling ideas is to transform your basement into a rec room by installing a pool table, large TV, board game and a host of indoor games in it. You can even choose paint, tiles, and flooring that give the real feel of a rec room.

2. Suite for the guests

If you frequently have guests in your house, then you can consider transforming your basement into a bedroom with a bathroom and a kitchen. This completely converts the basement into a luxury suite for the guests. You can then bundle the room with all the amenities that the guests would need.

3. Emphasize on designing safe and stunning staircase

If you are going for basement remodeling services, then you should also consider revamping the staircase as old staircase won’t complement the renovated basement. The staircases should meet the code and adorn an elegant design. Apart from this, you should also consider the ease of usage and safety factor. You can even move the staircases to a better location for better functionality. Though it may increase the basement remodeling cost, it will enhance the elegance of the space.

4. Go for big windows and doors for better lighting and ventilation

The basement is situated below the ground level, so it is natural to be gloomy and dark. However, you can enlarge the doors and build big windows so as to allow light into the room and to offer proper ventilation. It will enhance the liveliness of the basement.

5. Apply intriguing finishing to the walls and ceilings

The reason why basement is considered as a secondary space is that it is made of the stacked concrete block which is left as such. However, you can finish or cover the concrete with paint, plywood or drywall to give it a sophisticated touch. Similarly, you can finish the ceilings to hide the pipes, ducts, and joints. It can be finished with paints or covered with paneling or drywall.

6. Comfortable and chic flooring

The basement floors are made of concrete, so you have plenty of flooring options to choose from. You can apply vinyl, paint, put tiles, laminate or use carpet. Avoid wooden flooring for the basements as it shrinks and expands. You can instead go for engineering wood.

So, these were six smart basement remodeling tips. If you wish to completely transform your basement into a utilitarian space and enhance the aesthetics of your abode, then you can exploit the superior basement remodeling services of Remodel Republic. Our expert designers come up with out of the box basement remodeling ideas that utilize the space in the best possible way. We have collaboration with local vendors and top brands like Bosch, Samsung, Kohler, Delta, and Sub Zero, which facilitates us to provide best in class services. Our basement remodeling cost in-lieu of our superior services is rationally priced. If you wish to design your basement with a magical touch, then get in touch with us immediately and leverage our superior basement remodeling services.

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