3 Top Kitchen Countertop Design Trends You Must Try


3 Top Kitchen Countertop Design Trends You Must Try

A countertop is an integral component of any kitchen. When going for a kitchen renovation, a countertop is the foundation of any kitchen décor. Precisely, it’s the place where all action in the kitchen takes place. Considering the importance of kitchen countertops, it’s important to consider the materials, design, and finish for your countertop. In this post, we’ve put together 3 top kitchen countertop designs you must try:

  1. Textured or Polished Finishes: Since there has been a design movement, it’s a great idea to go for textured finishes. These designed finishes can easily be applied to different materials such as granite countertops and quartz countertops. Though textured countertops are trending, polished countertops still remain the most popular.
  2. Incorporated Kitchen Sinks: Kitchen countertops are now getting a modern treatment and kitchen sinks are not left behind. Most homeowners now prefer a continuous style starting from the countertop and going down to the sink. Incorporated sinks are crafted from the same material as the countertop thereby, resulting in a stylish modern look.
  3. Neutral Tones: In the upcoming kitchen décor trends, neutral tones have become a popular theme. The bold colors of mid-century are gradually losing their significance in most kitchen décor. More and more kitchen owners are going for colors such as ash grays, beige, and whites. These lighter shades definitely add a tinge of calmness to your kitchen.

Kitchen countertops can definitely improve the look and feel of your kitchen. By considering the above-stated design trends, you can definitely get a stylish and trendy kitchen. If you’re falling short of ideas, the professionals of Remodel Republic are available to help you out. Whether you’re planning to go for kitchen countertops or bathroom countertops, or complete kitchen and bathroom remodeling, simply reach out to us.

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